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What does one do to raise capital for starting a business or simply saving for a rainy day.

The reality to fork up cash at the drop of a hat can be difficult for some.

While saving towards a goal can be challenging for others.

-A sou-sou is the poor man’s avenue towards investing capital or building savings.-


■ The concept of a “sou-sou” originated from West Africa. In fact the name derives from the Yoruba word, “eesu”.

■ A  sou-sou  is a saving plan whereby a collective number of individuals contribute an equal sum of money periodically (weekly/ monthly). 

■ The plan relies on trust, honesty, a planned goal and determination to raise money in cases where there is limited access to bank funding.

A sou-sou is known by many names; in the Caribbean different island refer to is by different terms. In Barbados it is called a “meeting turn”, in the Bahamas it is “esu” while Guyanese and some eastern Caribbean islands referred to it as the “box”. While Jamaicans label it “pardner”, but Trinidadians and Grenadians opt for “sou-sou.” Belizeans describe theirs as “the syndicate”.

The same concept in Mexico and Central America are known as tandas or cundinas.  It has been even discovered that in eastern hemisphere, it is known as gye in South Korea and hui in China. Regardless, of the name the concept is that same

In fact initiating a “sou sou” with rising entrepreneurs is an avenue to prevent members from dealing with banks or loan facilitators. Undoubtedly, it is a great way to raise debt free, no interest capital.


So what does one do when they have accumulated a sou sou.

It can go towards any number of things as it is ultimately one’s personal preference.

Huge “pots” can finance a child’s college education, build a college fund, improve living standards, pay debts or help launch a business.

If you had the opportunity to participate in an alternative saving plan, would you participate?

Or is it a tad fairy?

What are your financial goals, hopes, dreams?