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It’s not difficult to work with a woman like Angel.  She has a timeless beauty, is confident, and outgoing.  And she is moving in a new direction in life.  That’s why we knew that she would be an awesome model for  Her natural crown of lovely hair, accentuates her gorgeous color combination.

The use of mustard and black is a simple, yet a provocative statement.  Angel is fly.  She represents something fresh.  She represents something new.  There has been a recent trend in a lot of modeling publications to begin to showcase the hair of Black women in its natural state.  Angel embodies this spirit and bodied this photo shoot.  If you want a bold, classic, and refined look, Angel is that one.

The photo shoot took place in Ault Park in Cincinnati.  A famous destination for weddings in the city.  On a perfect weekend in spring, it is almost impossible to take pictures.  But on an unseasonably warm day in January…Ault Park is ours for the taking.  Beyond the natural scenery, the concrete arches create an interesting juxtaposition that makes creates an beautiful environment for us to play in.