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Personal styling is an intimate, adventurous and exhilarating all in a single breath. There is a thrill, a joy, excitement and sense of accomplishment with the start to finish process of styling a client. Having been awarded the opportunity to be the stylist for the cast and set of “Love Changes” was a golden opportunity for #TheNOVEexperience.

The #BodyDecor for the cast was unique and different to suit the varied roles. Let’s see what we came up with………….

Marissa Santiago (Miranda Burke) plays the lead for Love Changes. As the featured character of the play we not only wanted her to stand-out through her dialog, but her image as well had to captivate the audience as she entered the stage. Being featured in six scenes we created outfits based on the scenario as well as incorporated varied textures,mixture of prints and patterns.

Mariah Santiago -Daveport (Neisha Hill) the sister of Marissa is a wedding planner by profession; as such we wanted elaborate on her bold and vibrant personality. Encompassing very bright colors, dashiki and floral prints certainly made her own personal imprint to the audience.  

Gisel Deveaux (Ashleigh Flower Sinper) “The Baby Mama” Marissa’s nemesis. Is sophisticated and chic  but also intakes slight hood/ghetto look.
Ava Thornton  (Brooklyn Murdock) as a child we wanted her innocence to shine through on stage. It was important that she held her own presence on stage, by playing with prints, vibrant colors and all things girlie  

Donovan Thornton (Will White), Brandon Daveport  (Les Slege), Luke Roberts – Montez Watson the common goal of the males cast was to portray a crisp look, that was stylish, modern, but also offer a sporty feel. We were able to achieve these visual goals with Sports coats, athleisure gear  and distinguishing suites.

The set #Decor featured Donovan’s place a very rough, rugged home with a  masculine tone; utilizing  a neutral color palette aided us in portraying this robust bachelor pad.  While, Brandon’s and Mariah is reflected as a couple’s space that is  a unified front,  incorporating bit of hollywood glam with glitter and  sparkles, pops of color,  and some vintage elements not only offered a bold and dramatic but also showed a growing home .