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Today marks the dawn of a new  era. With the triumphant roar of 2016 there are endless possibilities and countless opportunities. It is my greatest endeavor to maintain and grow in 2016. Last year I held the same vision but failed to do so. THIS year!  I am making myself accountable by sharing my blog goals.

In the immediate:

Plan posts -Scheduling post or having a brief outline of post will aid with regular posting. I have suffered with this quit a bit. Now armed with a 2016 calendar I am lined up, well certainly for the first week of January.

Network – connect with other bloggers and enthusiast. Blogging has some what of a “village” vibe. Always worthwhile knowing what is happening with fellow bloggers but also commenting and sharing the love. As well as talking about my blog in real life. I may just spark someones interest and be their next best regular read.

Be a believer -have confidence in yourself,  your blog and your posts. If you don’t who will? While this may be natural for some. It is an adopted process for me.

Connect on social media share “hey I have a new post” Uterlise all tools and resources.

In the Short term:

Guest write – to keep the village concept going as well as growing personally be a guest writer on another blog. Not only does it aid with the development of ones skills but it also a wonderful opportunity to network in the blogershere.

Collaborate with other bloggers looking forward to partner with other bloggers om a common topic.

In the Long term:

Research –  at some stage it will be worthwhile to know the views of my readers and sparks their interest.

Updates and maintenance can always have a face lift visually as well as content. Oh how exciting!

The goals laid out are by no means set in stone. But certainly are guidelines and pointers for a successful blogging in 2016.

Dye xoxo