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Red Feather Kitchen

3200 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209

Friday night in Cincinnati, and my lover insisted on doing something special for me.  This is no easy task as I have spent my professional life in hospitality.  That being said, I am not easily impressed when it comes to hotels and food establishments.  I had heard about the the Red Feather Kitchen previously, but had not ventured there quite yet.  Luckily, I was in for an amazing surprise.  Chef Andrew Mersmann took amazing care of us and provided an experience that was second to none.  Check out the website here.

Being that the day was special, we delved into a number of dishes.  Complexity was the word, because the contrasting flavors played on my tongue like wild children in the wind.  We started with Foie Gras with cherry/red wine reduction, parsnip & fromage d’affinoise purée, shiitakes with shallots and chives, brioche toast and fried parsnips. As you can see the plating was Gorgeous!!  Even better were the emotions that were evoked when I tasted the rich Foie Gras.

My lover chose the Chorizo and lobster arancini with Romesco sauce and “wacky peas”.  The plate was garnished with Parmesan and Prosciutto crisps. OUTSTANDING to say the least.