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Okay, let’s be realistic and truthful. At the start of the year most people set their goal to be more fit in 2016 – easy right…. personally, I want to do a  little better physically and mentally this year. Starting off a little more low key with yoga, getting a stretch in here and there. While I am not committed to Kanye’s workout plan. I certainly get my cardio in lots of way. As a mum to a very active toddler I am constantly moving; with the that in mind I have mastered the workout wear to a Tee.

I like to be comfortable, I also like to be stylish, While I am avid lover of heels and flats, I am even more infatuated with sneakers. On very busy days……. like a production day……. I am very much in favour of stretchy, comfy leggings, a cute breathable tee, and stylish light weight sneakers.When styled with a leather jacket I am street styled and urban fit ready. How do you wear active / street wear?

-Jus’ Dye