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I guess I am passed being knee high or even waist deep in the depths of blogging or the blogger community.By no means am I a supperstar or aiming to be for that mater. Just wanting to document the moments as they go.  I recently had the opportunity to attend #afewhungrygirls event. Slightly a bundle of nerves; I thought being PREPed would help me.

Prepare – Basics

Easily overlooked but it is essential to know the basics – venue, start / end time. Directions to the venue.

The type of event – causal, gala affair.

Relax – Dress Comfortably

There is nothing worst than feeling uncomfortable for the duration of an event. Worrying is this to tight, big, not fitting well………I opted for an Athleisure look not only because it is my ultimately favourite. The event was hosted @CincyAthleta I have number of their pieces, their leggings are super duper comfortable.

Enjoy – Be Yourself

Everyone wants to offer a good first impression best to be genuine from the start. It is a networking opportunity remember to have fun, eat, drink. Snap a few photos document the moments.

Participate – Be a mate

Here is a golden opportunity to be surrounded by like minded individuals. Share, Inspire be a friend, a sounding board, future projects and collaborations. Share your content on social media, tag, hashtag. Follow up where necessary.

-Jus’ Dye